I have encountered lots of angry people, mad and bitter because the are not where they wish to be in life. They will give excuses, blame others and/or find fault in everything other than self. They will have animosity toward others who are doing things, and/or at times even make race a factor in their argument.

Let me say this, I am not where I wish I was in life today, I feel your pain. However, tomorrow may be a different outcome if I work for it today. Therefore, I will blame no one but my own actions or lack of action for my issues. I will not use race as an excuse ever nor poverty. Yes, I was born in NYC in an urban hood. Yes, a Puerto Rican kid who had his shares of poor outcomes created by his own poor choices, not anyone else.

My parents, may God bless their souls were not rich in anyway, they worked for theirs. They never gave up or made excuses why they couldn’t achieve a goal. With that being stated, I refuse to allow society to say I am less, I refuse to not live up to my potential. Life is extremely hard for some, but that just means the prize you receive when surpassing your goals is far greater and spiritually rewarding.

You see, there comes a time when we grow up. We look into the mirror and really reflect on our reflection. We come to terms that no one will break you nor make you far more than yourself. You succeed by the company you keep, you achieve by self sacrificing meaningless things for a goal and/or career. You get up early, arise, put on your work boots and kick pavement. No gripes, no complaints, no excuses.

Remember that your business is not a job, it’s a business. Stop treating it that way and start visualizing your empire growing. Life like all else is what you put in, if you only give 25%, that is all life will give you. If you put in 120% toward a vision, a dream, an idea or a plan. It will manifest, but only if you believe, remove distractions and work hard for that dream.

Making excuses and/or blaming others is a pitiful habit made for those who lack the will to see it through. If a Puerto Rican kid from the hood can be on the go 24/7 to achieve his dreams, so can you. It isn’t hard, you just have to be focused and determine. You have eliminate any distractions that stand in your way. You have to be committed, have faith, stand strong against the storms of darkness and blind them with your light.

But most importantly you have to understand that bitterness, hate, excuses and prejudice is a recipe for failure every time, but commitment, empathy and focus will see you through.

– George Mercado