The Burning Bush:

Behind every adventure this is a story that fueled that journey . A story filled with emotions, with motivation and above all with an individual, or individuals yearning for an escape.  An escape from the madness of life, from stress, from the everyday hustle. An escape from society, into the bosom of nature where they would  find serenity, peace and/or  perhaps a hint of spirituality.

I cannot speak for no other, but I will state the truth. This story unlike many others was fueled by pain, by sorrow, by loss, and despair.  It was a story of a lost soul who could go on no more, whose every step was plagued by depression and sadness. Who needed affirmation in his life, needed to know that God was listening. It is story I chose to call the burning bush, even before it became a reality. A fitting title that manifested in ways I could never imagine.

The memories attained on this trip, and the experiences we were blessed to have, would forever change my life in a deep and profound manner.

It would make me appreciate the journey and the steps that took us there, far more than the images or video we had taken. For it had brought me closer to God, to my purpose and my potential. It awakened within me a fire, that would alter my destiny and way of life. That would change every fiber of my being.

But alas, that is story yet to be told, or perhaps saved for another day.

– George Mercado