There are those who will never comprehend why we leave the comforts of our home in order to traverse into the wild. They will never grasp the spiritual calling that one receives, nor the yearning that grows within the very core of our souls. The call of the wild is like a silent whisper that only certain souls can hear. It is as if mother nature herself is intuitively calling her children back home. For some it is redundant calling that never ends, for others it is calling they alas will never hear. Not because they are deaf to it, but rather because they yearn not to answer it. For in society they are at home, for it has given unto them all they could materialistically desire, they live, eat and breathe the comforts of society. To remove them from it, would be to take them away from an addiction that they could not bear to be without.

Many children of society perceive us to be in a state of madness. After all. why else would we leave the comforts of society to venture off into the thick of it. Why else would we leave our families behind, and everything we know?

I always say to myself that if you have to ask that question, you will never truly understand. You will never grasp the concept of true freedom, nor the healing powers that mother earth showers us with. To venture off through the forests, with the wind blowing through the branches, to hear the leaves drop as you tread up on natural trails is serene. No concrete walkways, no asphalt paths, no signs of humanity other than yourself. Just you hiking forth in nature, as you become one with frequencies that flow there. Knowing that you are not alone. For God is with you as are his creatures.

However, in nature the animals, the trees, the flowers, and all that exists will never judge you , nor do they care to. In nature you are one with everything, you are free to be whom you want to be, free to live as you were meant to be. Perhaps this is why so many like I have found refuge in nature, over society. Because for us there is no greater joy, then to be set adrift in land where few do roam.

  • George Mercado