I have travelled thousand upon thousands of miles. I have scuba dived with sharks in the darkest depths, and have traversed across alligator infested swamps. I have explored time forgotten caves on tropical islands, and have hiked across valleys, mountains, gorges and streams.

I have discovered beauty that I will never forget, and darkness that chills one to the bone. I have seen the bright side of humanity and the evil within us all. I have bared witness to miracles and losses, to inspirational experiences and heart breaking moments. Each became a defining moment in my life, a lesson. Each became a hurdle, a trial and/or challenge that I was destined to surpass.

But one thing I have learned in all my adventures, my trial and tribulations, is that we must keep moving forward. We must keep grinding no matter how bad it gets. We must never ever quit, give up, pause, stop or cease our momentum. Even when darkness fills your heart with void and despair whispers sweet nothings in your ears. We must never quit, for life is too precious and beautiful to squander.

Instead we must be the light in the darkened void that guides those before us to the radiant illumination of living, of loving, of experiencing the blessings that life has yet to offer.

– George Mercado